Squeezer Shaker (Sound Demonstration)

Squeezer Shaker (Video)

The Squeezer Shaker is a versatile instrument, handmade from leftover goatskin remnants of Djembe drum-making. When shaken and squeezed simultaneously, it produces unique sounds. Perfect for all ages and ideal for classroom activities like emphasizing syllables and counting. Children can enjoy decorating it with various materials. Made from natural goat skin, it's eco-friendly, fair trade, and fun for playing with kids.

Where to buy the Squeezer Shaker?

Squeezer Shaker

There are many things we love about the Squeezer Shaker, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. The sound this produces is fun and versatile, perfect for teaching young children when it comes to counting, amongst other uses. You can purchase the Squeezer Shaker here.

Sound demo

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