Tenang Gamelan (Sound Demonstration)

Tenang Gamelan (Video)

The Tenang Gamelan is a charming and unique instrument, resonating with a clear and melodious tone in Western C major tuning. Originating from Indonesia, this traditional instrument embodies rich cultural heritage. Its captivating design features vibrant brown and red colors, adding to its allure. Handmade, fair trade, eco-friendly, and fun, it offers a relaxing sound and comes with a beater.


Where to buy the Tenang Gamelan?

Tenang Gamelan

There are many things we love about the Tenang Gamelan, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. Vibrant and stunning, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but pleasing to the ears too- with its rich and soothing sound complete with a wooden beater to pair. You can purchase the Tenang Gamelan here.

Sound demo

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