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Stunning vibrant color design makeup washbags from Senegal, Africa. Each one is fairtrade, handmade using various bright fabrics, suitable for ladies, and men, with hues of blues, whites, reds, browns, and yellow, we have one to match everyone's taste! They are so multi-purpose, you could use them for anything which is why they will be a fantastic gift! You are purchasing one item, each bag will vary in size, color, and shape. Approximate size - 21cm x 16cm

What is a washbag for?

 It is simply for storing your toiletries in such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, paste, and deodorant. These pouches are great for keeping in your bathroom so that you have more space on the side, looking neater and less cluttered, but also are perfect for taking in your main bag to the gym, overnight at a friend's house, or when you are traveling, I couldn't be without mine! 

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