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This chest of nine drawer’s chest has been beautifully hand-painted, depicting bold bright colours. it is made from sustainable mango wood, featuring small circular handles that enhance the unit. Its approximate size is 53cm x 30cm x 64cm, this item was handmade in India. As with most of our items they are fairly traded.

This unit could be suited to the bedroom for clothes or even for certain bits and pieces. What a great way to liven up a room, this multipurpose unit adds a splash of colour. Those artisans really know how to make and upcycle a quality piece of furniture. The wood grain varies in natural to slight patina aged wood which is very sustainable. Mango wood itself is a hardwood that if looked after properly could last you a lifetime. It is a strong wood that on a scale is in between mahogany and oak. This piece is not suitable for exterior use.

How to clean mango wood?

Mango wood is quite water-resistant but it is still recommended to not use water on its surface. Instead, you should use a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe it clean. Make sure that the cloth is soft so that it does not pose a risk of scratching the unit, and avoid all cleaning tools that have a rough edge.

This exotic wood is becoming more and more popular due to its sustainability, it is now being used by lots of suppliers to make all sorts of furniture such as desks, cabinets, bookshelves, tables and more. Designs will vary due to its handmade nature, and this unit is solid, without any veneer, MDF or chipboard.

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