Coconut Pieces 30g


Finish: Natural
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These coconut pieces are so versatile and can be used for multiple applications. From jewellery making with your own necklaces and bracelets to crafting your own coconut pendants, guitar picks, etc. Leave them as they are for a simple, yet effective natural counting pieces, which are great for teaching children aged 3 years old + to count. These coconut pieces are exclusive to Carved Culture and are handmade in house. 

It all starts from a hairy brown coconut, and after many processes such as removing the water, the meat, the coconut is hammered which gives a natural shape and complete uniqueness to each and every piece, to finalise every coconut piece undergoes an interior and exterior sanding. As the coconut shell is very lightweight you get a lot of pieces. 

Finishes to choose from:


The coconut pieces are sanded to remove sharp edges and you end up with pieces that have a matt finish.


After the pieces are sanded, an organic extra virgin coconut oil is added to the surface to give them a darker appearance and in turn, the grains become more visible. 


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