Mexican Falsa Blanket


Designs: light blue
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Traditional hand loomed Mexican falsa blanket in a variety of colours. These wonderful, functional craft items are used for a variety of purposes; from a simple cosy blanket, a yoga/meditation mat, to a throw or rug. The rugs are made from recycled yarn consisting of cotton and acrylic which make them both comfortable and durable. They are also light and easily rolled making them perfect as a beach or picnic blanket and an essential bit of kit for any hardened festival goer. Designs that we have: Battleship grey, dark blue, green tea, light blue, pink, purple, red, salmon pink, and sky blue.

Approx: 120cm × 185cm
Origin: Mexico

  • Hand Loomed Falsa Blanket
  • Made from Recycled Yarn
  • Traditional Mexican Craft
  • Ideal Yoga Blanket

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