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When items are removed from our range instead of deleting it and all of the information; it and its history is added to this page which is kind of like a museum of our shop. Whilst these items are currently unavailable, if you are interested in purchasing them, feel free to contact us and if we can still source the product for you we will. On that same note, if the item is available elsewhere, we will recommend a shop that still sells the product. 

Japanese Jewellery Box

red floral japanese jewellery box

The Red Floral Traditional Japanese Jewellery Box is a delightful twist-to-open pouch which was traditionally used to keep incense but is now more commonly used for jewellery. This adorable little Japanese gift has been made from bright red chirimen fabric with a very pretty floral pattern. It is also a very useful keep safe for medicine and other knick-knacks and comes complete with a smart white gift box. 

If you are looking for a traditional Japanese gift and something a little bit different, the Red Floral Traditional Japanese Jewellery Box is an ideal choice! The stylish black Japanese kanji characters on the box reads, scented jewellery box. Please note that colours and patterns do vary slightly. Size: 7cm / 3 inches diameter. 

Giraffe Recipe Book Stand

 hand carved giraffe recipe book stand

This gorgeous hand-carved mango wood recipe book stand features a giraffe and tree design. It is an ideal addition to your kitchen making you cook like a chef in your own home! it was carved by the master woodcarvers of Saharanpur. it has an adjustable stand on a hinged back that allows for 3 different angles. Did you know, mango wood is a fast-growing wood and therefore a sustainable material? It takes approximately 7 to 10 years to grow which is much less than comparable hardwoods, size: 19cm x 27cm. Depth of book space 4.5cm, made in India.

I personally have one of these in my kitchen and I truly love it, it holds the book open for me and also means that I can use a cookbook instead of relying heavily on my phone. The main problem that this solves is when you place a book on the side, then start cooking, it is easy for the book to get damaged, wet even. With this cookbook stand, the book is upright and is no longer low down where you are doing the chopping of vegetables. 

Kente cloth

African Kente Cloth 

It's not often you come across such bright and beautifully coloured weave such as kente. Whether displayed on a wall, or on furniture, this Ghanian cloth will lift your mood whenever you see it! We have wonderful assorted colour designs such as a mix of pink and yellow, blues and yellow, multicolours and diamond patterns.

Sizes on average are approximately 160cm x 12cm. If you require a specific strip of kente cloth then please contact us beforehand as each piece is unique. They can be used for anything and are amazing art and craft fabric to add to your collection. We love kente cloth because it is beautiful, sustainable, suitable for all crafts and is perfect for making clothing, headbands and more. The cloth comes from Ghana and is made primarily of a cotton and silk blend. 


 Ouaga ball shaker from Burkina Faso

These Ouaga ball shakers are made in Burkina Faso, Africa. They are made from papier mache and are individually hand painted in various floral designs and colours. The spherical musical instrument shaker is a great addition to your african instrument collection. We believe that every music  studio and school music class should have these. The ouaga ball and the ouaga shaker on a stick come from the same supplier. We love the beautiful ouaga ball shaker because it is an authentic African shaker that is handmade, eco-friendly and comes in assorted designs. Each musical instrument is approximately 9cm x 9cm.

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