Do babies need a moses basket?

I remember having a newborn baby, with them sleeping constantly. They would wake up every four hours or so for a feed. At the time when my firstborn daughter was just born I would spend every day for the first few months just cuddling her, even whilst she was asleep.

I would stay up some of the night just so I could bottle feed her. When feeding her I would lay comfortably upright on the sofa with her in my arms with a bottle. At times I could have definitely fallen asleep but would she have been safe if I did?

I don’t know. As I always put her back in either, her Moses basket or cot if I felt tired. The reality though is that if I did fall asleep holding her. It would have been easy to roll over and crush her. Or even drop her on the floor where she could have suffered severe injuries.

Coming back to the question is sleeping next to your baby safe? Definitely not. It is very dangerous to sleep next to your baby because they are so delicate and fragile. You could easily without meaning to cause harm.

Where should a newborn baby sleep?

Whilst having a cuddle with your baby is completely fine if you feel at all tired. You should make sure that your baby sleeps in either a Moses basket or a cot. This is for their safety. They can, however, stay in your room so that it makes it easier for things like feeding during the night, and in general, keeping an eye on them. It’s important to keep your baby away from heat sources such as radiators and away from windows where they could get cold.

When can my baby sleep in their own room?

Realistically your child could go in their own room after they have reached the age of 6 months onwards. This is because the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) goes down after 6 months. However, some parents tend to keep their babies in their room until they are one year old. This is both because the parents don’t like to be too far away from their child and the child can be quite attached to the parent.

The problem with having your child in your room after 6 months can be based around having to be quiet to avoid them waking up during the night seeing as adults go to bed later than children but could also be related to lack of space.

As children go from being a newborn to an infant they generally need more things such as a cot, their own toys, etc. Another reason you may want to put them in their room sooner than later is down to starting a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine is a vital part of parenting that will allow you and your partner to take back your evenings so that you can spend more time together without children.

How to help baby sleep better

Teaching babies the difference between day and night is a great way to start. how to do it? When the baby wakes for a feed in the night, keep lights very low. Talking to a minimum to make them aware of the quiet during night time. Don’t play with them as this encourages more night waking. Whereas during the day time gives them as much play and communication as humanly possible. This regulates their pattern to learn that daytime is for noise, fun, and talking. Whereas nighttime is a calm time just for a cuddle and bottle then back to sleep. In the daytime, you should keep curtains or blinds open.

Have music on, hoover don’t hesitate to do your usual things around the baby as long as they are happy and safe. Having a good sleep routine is very helpful, watch out for signs of tiredness such as rubbing eyes, fussiness, and overall unhappiness. This can be a good indicator they need a nap! Don’t let baby get overtired that is not FUN. There is so much that goes on in the first few weeks, so don’t forget to look after yourself. Whilst the baby sleeps you should sleep. Leave home duties, and cuddle up with your baby. They will need bonding you can do the cleaning when you feel ready, do not overdo it, and enjoy.

Every newborn baby needs a swaddle wrap, unless of course you don't mind having them tightly cuddled 24 hours a day. Cuddling your baby is no crime, but when it comes to 3am crying just for a cuddle your going to want some sleep, with these baby swaddle blankets you simply place your baby on top of the wrap opened up and tightly but gently wrap them up all cosy.

Swaddle wraps

Babies love these because it is a constant cuddle through the night without keeping mum/dad awake! they come in a pack of three incase of any sick ups/poo explosions you can pop one in the wash and still get a good night sleep!  The designs are perfect for both males and females with its gender neutral colours you can even get them as a gift for an expectant mum to an unknown gender. As we all know babies love to feel safe and warm, and that is exactly what these do, they make your little one feel secure and almost like they're back in the womb. Another bonus to these blankets is that instead of worrying about the baby kicking off the clovers the swaddle blanket stays on them no matter how much they wriggle.

You may find that your baby will sleep longer, meaning happy baby and happy parents! They are made from 100% Organic Cotton meaning no harsh chemicals on your new baby's skin seeing as newborns can have the most sensitive skin. Reviewers have said that not only do they look cute on their newborns but they work well. People have said since buying them and using them their newborns slept much better at night, and others have gone as far to say that its the best swaddle they have ever used.

Our experience with a Moses basket

When my partner was pregnant, my nan said that she would buy a cot bed for the baby when it was born. That was very kind of her, and I was very thankful. Then, my aunt-in-law said have you got everything you need for the baby? I hesitated. Then I said out loud “I think so?” She then replied: “what about a Moses basket?”

Now, this was my firstborn and if I am honest, I had no idea what a Moses basket was. I said “What is it? Do I need it? She said yes, you definitely do, and explained to me why. It made sense that a baby is so small, and the cot is so big. I agreed, yes we should probably get a Moses basket for the baby.

Just so that they are more comfortable inside, it would be easier to have a Moses basket next to our bed. Not only that we did not have space in our bedroom for a big cot bed. Even though I realized, yes we need this. I didn’t seem to make much effort to actually go out and buy one, in fact, my auntie-in-law ended up getting us one. I still looked at it before the baby was born and thought ‘do we actually need this?’

It wasn’t until the baby was actually born, and when we were in the hospital that I realised. The hospital had something called a neonatal cot for all the babies that were born, and the baby just looked so snug in it. This type of cot is very similar to a Moses basket in terms of being small, and on a stand. Also, you don’t have to bend down to get the baby out.

Did we need a Moses basket?

baby in moses basket

When we had our daughter come home with us the Moses basket was great. When you want to be in the living room, you can bring it in with you. If you change your mind and want to move the baby into the kitchen so you can do duties and still keep an eye on your little one.

They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They can be taken with you anywhere in your car to visit family members or to see a friend, the stand can be folded down and easily fits in the back of a car. I find Moses baskets are very stylish as well, they can be dressed in pretty pink floral design Moses basket covers or have a neutral colour so it can be kept for a boy or girl. Before our daughter was big enough for her cot bed we kept the Moses basket in the cot to keep her extra safe in the night.

What are Moses baskets made from?

  • Wicker
  • Maize
  • Palm

Why is it called a Moses basket?

Moses baskets are called Moses baskets because of a story in the Old Testament found in the Bible. In which Moses the baby was found floating on the river Nile in a basket.

What do I recommend?

I recommend the one below because it is made from wicker which is very attractive, it features a neutral colour making it suitable for both sexes. It comes complete with everything you will need from a Moses basket, including a stand, hood, etc. It is also a very good price with free delivery.

Palm Moses Basket and Folding Stand

Wicker moses basket

Suitable from newborn for up to 9kg, this Moses Basket uses Easy-care Poly Cotton with a soft padding surround. Suitable from newborn to 9 months. It also includes a comfortable mattress.

Comes with an adjustable hood perfect to create a cosy sleeping space for your precious little one. The mattress is water-resistant and breathable allowing easy air movement. A good balance between comfort and style. 

This Moses Basket is the perfect bed for your baby, being comfortable, safe and mobile. Its design has been inspired by stories in the bible, using a modern-day twist to create an innovative design. The wicker used for the basket itself is extremely strong and when combined with the mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. It is suitable for both boys and girls and can be set up in rooms all around your home. As a result, you can keep watch over your little one throughout the day without having to worry if they need you.

How To Use The Moses Basket?

The Moses Basket is very simple to use and can be placed all around your home. The mobile stand is extremely easy to set up and provides your baby with a comfortable bed to rest upon. A canopy is also available to shield your baby from the light if required. Simply fold up the legs of the basket and move it to a location of your choice. Additionally, for more space, you can also fold up the legs to store your basket with ease. 

How To Clean The Moses Basket?

Hygiene is extremely important when it comes to any product for your baby. Cleaning your Moses Basket is relatively simple and can be completed in only a few minutes. The most efficient way of doing this is to remove the mattress, then dust or remove any dirt in the area. You can also make use of antibacterial wipes to kill off bacteria. You can clean your mattress separately by washing it in your washing machine. Then, once finished, you can put everything back together clean and bacteria-free. 

Where To Put Your Moses Basket?

Due to the nature of your Moses Basket, you can place it in any room around your home. It is relatively small and lightweight, allowing you to choose the room as you please. We recommend that you place your basket in a room in which you have easy access to your baby should you be required. 

The Difference: Cot vs Cot Bed?

cot vs cot bed

Once the baby has outgrown their Moses basket around 5 months, they will need to go into a cot or cot bed so that they can wiggle around more, and have a better nights sleep.. But the question is; which one do you need and what are the differences? At first glance, they both look the same, essentially they do the same but are different. It is important to know the key differences before you go out and buy one as they are usually not cheap.

Compact natural wood cot

kinder natural wood cot

A cot is a bed for an infant baby, it’s usually made from wood. This is where the baby will sleep once it is no longer in a Moses basket. They have side panels to stop the baby from falling out of bed, this type of bed is suitable until they can climb out. It would be dangerous for them to stay in it, this is usually when they are age 2 (24 months).

Babymore eva cot bed

babymore eva cotbed

A cot bed can be used from birth and later on it can be adjusted and turned into a kids single bed. That will be suitable up to the age of around 8 years old. A cot bed is, therefore, better in terms of longevity, prices are pretty much the same. This is why I think it makes more sense to get something that lasts longer for your money.

We used a cot bed for my daughter until she was 2. Then she went into a single bed, as my son was born and has outgrown his Moses basket. He was then able to go into the cot-bed. It was later adjusted and is still fit for purpose now, for us it worked out perfectly.

Next to me crib

next to me baby crib

This small crib allows you to sleep next to your baby without them being in your actual bed. Sleeping next to your baby can be very dangerous. This crib is also the lightest travel crib in the market. The downside of this crib is it doesn’t last as long as a cot as it is smaller in length. When the baby gets taller they will grow out of it and you will have to upgrade to a cot or cot bed.

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