how to care for your chopping board

A well looked after chopping board can last you up to ten years if cared for correctly. Despite claims that chopping boards are only safe to use for 12 months because of bacteria this is not actually true. In fact, you can get rid of bacteria from a wooden chopping board.

How to sanitise your chopping board?

To do this you can use a diluted chlorine, bleach solution made up of 1 tbsp of bleach per gallon of cold water. After sanitising make sure to rinse with warm water. Now let’s discover the other ways to care for your chopping board.

The most common problem that occurs with wooden chopping boards is they tend to warp and can snap if they are not cared for the right way but this does depend on the wood because some are stronger than others.  

The first thing you want to do to care for your chopping board is make sure you do not immerse the wood directly into water, if you do leave it in water for longer than a few minutes it can warp. 

How to clean your chopping board?

To clean it properly rinse with warm soapy water and scrub off any food that have been prepared on it that day. If you are removing raw meats you will want to use extra care in removing bacteria so use hotter water and make sure you scrub it well. After its been cleaned you will need to dry it with a towel immediately. Do not leave it to air dry as the water remains on the outside for longer and has time to ruin your board. 

How to season your board?

If you wooden chopping board is looking dry or you have just washed it, you should occasionally rub it with a little bit of oil such as olive oil, linseed or coconut, or any flavourless cooking oil.  This will keep the wood well looked after and prevent it from drying out and going flakey. You should season your chopping board at least 2 times a year to keep it at its best.

3 things you shouldn't do with your chopping board

  1. Do not put your chopping board into a dishwasher, the harsh chemicals will damage it over time. Instead, always clean it by hand.
  2. Never use concentrated cleaners on your chopping board.
  3. Don't leave food on the board for too long or it may develop an odour. Instead, wash it right after use.

If your board still smells after washing cut a lemon in half and rub it on both sides of the board, after a few minutes rinse with warm water. To remove stains use baking powder and water make a paste and rub it on the board. A general rule for hygiene is to use a separate board for meat, fish and vegetables. As you would treat your knifes with care you should be mindful about how hard you're chopping, try not to hit the wood and chop against the grain to avoid damage.  

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