how to make an iced coffee recipe

Preparation Time: 5 minutes Serves 1 Since cutting down on our consumption of cow's milk. Knowing that I couldn’t have a tasty iced coffee from Starbucks with whipped cream was a nightmare.

I loved indulging in frappes every time I would visit my local town. Since it was easy to make, it would be easy enough to make my own version of a frappe. This version is just as good, if not better and is such a quick and easy frappuccino! I have lost tons of weight from cutting down on my cow's milk consumption. The whipped cream really isn’t missed because of how the soya milk blends and, froths up just like whipped cream.


  • Any milk of your choice (100ml)
  • Caramel coffee syrup (2tsp)
  • Granulated sugar (1tsp)
  • A handful of ice (any size is fine)
  • Instant coffee granules (1tsp)
  • Boiling water (50ml)
  • Squirty cream (optional)


  • Boil the kettle, add the coffee granules and chosen sugar in a small cup. Add the 50 ml of boiling water to dissolve the coffee and sugar giving it a good mix to ensure all sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour the milk and ice into the blender.
  • Add the caramel sauce and the coffee to the blender leaving enough room for the coffee.
  • Blend it on high speed for around 1-2 minutes, or until all the ice has been blended well.
  • Serve and enjoy in your favourite glass!

This is such a quick and easy frappe recipe and is a hit with the whole family. My partner and I, simply cannot get enough of them as they are a great boost of energy. You can also use decaffeinated coffee if you are sensitive to caffeine or if you plan on having this drink later on in the evening.

Iced coffee frappé recipe (Video)

Iced coffee: Frequently asked questions

Can you use freshly brewed coffee?

Yes, you can brew coffee using your coffee machine and make the recipe as normal. The coffee flavour will be stronger and so you may want to adjust the amount of sugar. 

Is this iced coffee suitable for vegans?

You can use a dairy free milk and squirty cream to make it vegan. Although you should opt for a barista alternative milk to ensure that the acid from the coffee doesn't cause the drink to curdle.

Where to buy the best iced coffee?

Many cafes and restaurants sell iced coffee, the most popular places to get one is Costa Coffee, Starbucks, and McDonalds. The worst one is from McDonalds, the iced coffee from costa has a more 'real' coffee flavour and is slightly bitter and the Starbucks one is the best tasting although it is overly sweet.


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