Coconut bowl and spoon set

1. Coconut Water

Out of all fruits, the coconut is by far my favourite. I love the water from the young coconut which is supposedly more hydrating than water! 

2. Coconut milk

The milk that comes from the white flesh, which is used in most Asian cookery. They use coconut milk as it tends to add a delicious creamy texture to curries, sauces, desserts, rice, smoothies, and soups.

3. Coconut oil uses

What’s more is that from a fresh coconut, you can actually make coconut oil which within itself has so many uses for deep frying, roasting, mixing with essential oils for use as a base oil, can be used as a substitute for cocoa butter in making your very own chocolate, and due to its softness it creates a truffle-like treat! 

Make sure not to overdo it though, as coconut oil is very high in saturated fat, and whilst natural, the means of extracting this oil is essentially taking away the fatty part of the coconut and using it in high concentrations.

4. Dried desiccated coconut

When the white coconut flesh is dried it becomes desiccated coconut and then it can be used in a wide array of dishes and desserts, from curries, snack bars, to breakfast cereal. It is one of the most delicious ingredients that can easily work with other flavours in savoury and sweet meals.

5. What can you make from the shell?

We have taken a look at the water, the milk, the oil and the fruit itself, and more often than not the coconut shell is overlooked and discarded. This is, unfortunately, such a waste, especially considering the many uses to the shell. 

I myself have made things with coconut shell and I found it an absolute dream of a material to work with, it is easy to sand by hand with sandpaper, the angle is quite awkward when cutting with a tool such as a handsaw but it is do-able. 

Whilst anything is possible, you could make coconut lacquered bowls, pencil pots, candle holders, coir rugs, scourers, shakers, thumb pianos, wind chimes if your up for the challenge and with the right tools you could even cut up small pieces and make your very own jewellery.

If you don’t fancy making things with hard graft, check out our collection of unique handmade coconut products! Have we missed anything? Share your coconut creations below!

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