many types of gourds

There are so many things that can be made from Gourds, and here we highlight the most popular gourd products of all time. If your a fan of the gourd fruit, then stick around and let natures fruits unfold!

1. Kenyan Gourd Shaker

kenyan gourd shaker

This gourd shaker is made from a gourd that has been carved and burnt in Kenya, Africa to depict unusual patterns, looks good, sounds good.

2. Gourd Guiro Shaker

gourd guiro

Another shaker? This one is rather different. It doubles as a guiro and this one doesn't have an attached stick, the whole thing is pure gourd.

3. Gourd Thumb Piano Kalimba

gourd thumb piano kalimba

This gourd kalimba is inspired, made from half a gourd with steel sprung keys, a dot painted design and the wonderful sound that it sings when you pluck!

4. Beaded Gourd Cabassa Shaker

gourd cabassa shaker

This beaded gourd has been hollowed out which allows it to act as a chamber for amplification. When those beads tap on the hollow gourd, you know this shaker means business.

5. Gourd Detox Tea

natural pure gourd tea

Fancy a health detox? Gourd tea, or better known as bitter melon tea has made it's way into the health market. It is a natural and pure laxative that can promote healthy digestion but also suppresses appetite which means it can aid in weight loss.

6. Mini Gourd Decorations

mini gourd home decor

These mini gourds are wonderful for decoration throughout the home. Place them in a bowl or container for a simple addition to your decor. You could even use them to decorate autumn wreathes. 

7. Gourd Cup for Yerba Mate

yerba mate cup made from gourd

This wonderful gourd has been decorated with an aluminium metal ring on the top and it also comes with a straw. This is the traditional original way to drink "Yerba Mate" which is a caffeine-rich infused drink from Argentina, it's typically consumed by Guaraní and Tupí peoples.

8. Chinese Gourd Flute

Chinese gourd flute

This handmade flute is in the key of C and is easy to learn and play. Made from bamboo canes and natural carved gourd. After you are done playing, you can keep it safe in this special case.

9. Talking Stick Gourd Rattle

extra large gourd rattle

The famous talking stick is made from gourd and is used for rituals and shaman ceremonies. It is extra large (approx. 17" inches), and is made from natural materials by local traditions. 


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