Organic Soy Wax Candle Heart Melts

I have always wanted to introduce my own line of products. With a desire to make something that suited my personality. Handmade things that were either ornamental or functional fit these criteria. With a passion for all things healthy and natural. I set out to create something from organic wax so that I was contributing to a healthier world. 

1. Perfect Size

In my journey, I experimented with soy wax to make candles for the home. From there I decided to make something with essential oil scents that would give a pleasant but not overpowering aroma. These little heart-shaped melts are the perfect size just to place one over an oil burner. With a pack of 12 homemade wax melts, you will have plenty of occasions to use wax melts

2. Health Benefits

Currently, we have scents of star anise and cinnamon which was inspired by my love of freshly baked biscuits over the Christmas season. They are very festive and look absolutely stunning. As well as smelling divine, they look great and host many potential health benefits. Studies suggest that Star Anise alone has potent compounds that can be used to treat coughs and the flu. Whilst also alleviating digestion, nausea, gas, bloating and constipation.

3. Natural & Eco Friendly

If you compare one of those natural melts with all of the potential advantages to an average synthetic fragrance based by-product. There is literally no comparison at all. Not only is a generic product harmful, they usually don’t even smell all that great. One of the reasons that I searched for something natural is because as a teenager the aftershaves and perfumes that I had been given as a gift seemed to always give me a headache. These soy wax melts are made in the UK without the use of any dyes, and are hands down, the best.

4. Room Deodoriser

Moving on to our other scent which is Patchouli. According to various internet sources, this scent is commonly used by the stereotype ‘hippies’ and is used to mask the smell of marijuana. Nonetheless, patchouli is strong but smells amazing. As with most essential oils, it also comes with so many health benefits and is a natural anti-inflammatory with antibacterial, antifungal properties, and is also an insecticide. The market is seeing a rise in Patchouli oil. It is now being used as a deodoriser in natural beauty products. If you have any bad smells in your home, patchouli is sure to get rid of them. Soon we will be looking into making new scents like gingerbread, and uplifting sweet citrus orange.

5. Organic

Our soy wax melts are made from organic soy wax, and organic essential oil blends which ensures a high quality product that is non toxic, and is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. 

6. Good Price

The price is cheap but they are not made with cheap ingredients. As mentioned above all of the ingredients used are organic and are of the highest quality. This allows you to give a great gift on budget.

7. Vegan

These soy wax melts are made from plants and are therefore suitable for vegans to use. 


We want to educate the world so that we can all make better choices. Instead of buying from those big companies whose sole focus is their profit margins. Try out a pack of soy wax heart melts for you and your family today. These make a wonderful gift set.

Frequently asked questions

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1. Can you reuse soy wax melts?

Soy wax when warmed emits the aroma, and it doesn't evaporate. When the wax has been melted and there is no more aroma, the wax melt can be reused to make new melts or alternatively it can be disposed of.

2. Are they safe during pregnancy?

Certain essential oils are considered safe during pregnancy and others could be harmful. You should research the ingredients to ensure they are safe for you to use whilst pregnant. Ginger essential oil for example, can help during pregnancy with morning sickness, peppermint may be used for helping with nausea and muscle aches. If in doubt contact your healthcare professional.

3. What is the difference between soy wax melts and paraffin? 

Most leading candle brands use paraffin in their candles and wax melts. Paraffin is dangerous  to health as it is made from petroleum which is a byproduct of making gasoline. Many studies found that burning paraffin wax released dangerous chemicals. Soy wax on the other hand is completely natural vegetable wax that is derived from the oil of soybeans.

4. Are they suitable for someone with asthma? 

The information regarding essential oils and asthma is very mixed. For example, researchers have found that essential oils could be safe for people with asthma and some researchers have discovered that the oils could be dangerous. This varies from person to person. The AAFA do not recommend using essential oils to treat asthma. Some essentials oils like eucalyptus and peppermint also contain compounds that can irritate the lungs if inhaled, this is of course worse for asthma sufferers and babies. Make sure to use with caution.

5. What is the burn time of soy wax heart melts? 

Soy wax typically melts within 5 minutes of burning, the amount of time for use is variable depending on many factors such as heat, type of diffuser oil burner, and even how large the candle is underneath. 

6. Are these available for wholesale?

Bulk purchasing for a discount is possible for other businesses, please contact us with your requirements and we will give you our best price. 


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