The BEST Plant Based Milk Recipes

Discover how to make the best plant based milk at home with these simple recipes. The method for making most plant based milk is the same and so we will include the step by step method so that you can make your very own diy dairy free vegan milk.

How to make plant based milk (video)

How to make plant based milk? 

To make your own plant based milk, you will need to pour one part ingredient into a milk bottle and add 3 parts water. Allow it to soak for at least 6 hours (preferably overnight.) After this, replace the water if needed and blend the mixture and then strain through a nut milk bag into a jug. Store the milk in the fridge for up to 1 week and if the milk separates, give it a shake and it will be fine. This method of making plant based milk is suitable for all of the nuts, oat milk, hemp milk, and coconut.

The leftover pulp can be kept aside and be added to homemade biscuits, cashew pulp can be added to a curry for texture or be used to make a vegan cheese sauce. Making soya milk follows a different process to the one mentioned above.

1. Almond nut milk

almond milk

Almond milk has the highest calcium in comparison to other plant based milks, the flavour is great and it can be added to hot chocolate, smoothies, homemade almond ice cream, use in cereal or add to your pancake batter. 

2. Cashew nut milk

\cashew milk in cup

Cashew milk is low fat but has slightly more protein than almond milk, it can be added to sauces to make them creamier, tastes great in tea, and goes perfect with baked goods.

3. Hazelnut nut milk

hazlenut milk in bottle 

Hazelnut milk has many health benefits and has a large amount of antioxidants (7 times higher than dark chocolate), because of that it helps to reduce risk of heart disease, and  aids in improving blood sugar levels. Hazelnut milk can be used in many ways but it pairs extremely well with chocolate and is tasty when used to make cookies. 

4. Oat milk 

oat milk in jug

Some oat milks can be slimy due to high levels of starch. However, this recipe is non slimy and will make a tasty oat milk. It can sometimes be quite powdery when made from home too and this is normal. You can use oat milk for hot drinks, for making your porridge creamy and it is the perfect non dairy milk for preparing overnight oats. 

5. hemp milk

homemade hemp milk

Hemp milk is a great alternative to cows milk and isnt just for those avoiding dairy, it is also suitable for those that have a nut allergy. Hemp milk is nutritious with protein, healthy fats, and in fact it has more calcium than dairy milk.

6. coconut milk

Homemade coconut milk

Coconut milk is the highest in fat compared to the other plant based milks mentioned which gives the milk a rich flavour when adding it to meals and other baked foods. It is also one of the lowest in carbohydrates which makes it suitable for individuals following the keto diet. 

7. Soya milk

homemade soya milk in glass  

The most similar in taste to cows milk and works wonders in tea. Soya tends to get a bad rap because drinking it can lead to unbalanced hormone levels and can be disruptive to health. That being said, soya milk is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid which can help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Plant Based Milk: Frequently asked questions

The most popular plant based milk brands

Alpro, Jord, Mighty milk, Minor figures are the main ones however most supermarkets have made their own branded dairy free alternatives. 

Plant based milk vs cows milk

The main difference is that a plant based milk comes from plant deviates such as nuts, and seeds, whereas cows milk comes from an animal. In terms of nutrition there are plant based milks that have similar calcium, fat and calorie content which means that there is a specific type of milk to suit every persons needs. In terms of taste, nut milks usually taste nutty but soy milk has a similar flavour to cows milk.

What is the best plant based milk for coffee?

Soya milk is the most similar to cows milk and works the best for hot drinks as usually it doesn't curdle, although this could be because of the added emulsifiers. When looking for a plant based milk to use in coffee you will want to purchase one that mentions 'barista' as it will have stabilisers added to it to prevent curdling and can be frothed up as well. 

What is the healthiest milk?

One milk is not healthier than another because vitamins and nutrients vary across different foods and drink. One thing is for sure that hemp milk has the highest calcium, cows milk has the highest protein, cashew and rice milk has the lowest fat content, and almond milk has the least calories. The healthiest milk for you depends on your current health and lifestyle.  

Is plant based milk safe during pregnancy?

Plant based milk is usually considered safe during pregnancy, unpasteurised or raw goat and cows milk however should be avoided.

Is plant based milk gluten free?

Oats are usually gluten free however sometimes they can contain gluten and so it is not recommended to drink oats milk if you are coeliac. However, if you purchase gluten free oats and prepare the milk yourself, the milk will be fine. 

Is plant based milk keto? 

Some milks are suitable for those following the keto diet, these milks have a low carb content. First, lets discover the milks to avoid, rice milk has a whopping 9.7 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml which is relatively high, second is oat milk with 6.8 grams of carbohydrate, and third is regular cows milk with 4.7 grams of carbohydrate. Whilst you could still drink this milks you would have to limit yourself to small amounts to follow the keto diet. The best milks that have the lowest carbohydrate content are soya milk with 0.2 gram per 100ml, coconut milk with 0.4 grams and hemp milk with only 0.5.

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