eco friendly valentines gift

I admit I’m terrible when it comes to valentines. This is not only because I don’t remember the date of valentines but also because I don’t exactly believe in buying into the occasion. Luckily my partner feels the same or at least (she pretends she does.) I am a firm believer that if you love someone, give them love.

You don’t have to buy their happiness, but sure a gift and a surprise can be nice once in a while. It just doesn’t have to be on valentines’ day, if you want to buy something special for someone that you care about then go for it!

1. Felt Heart Keyring

felt heart key chain 

This simple glass heart keyring says a lot. Due to being in the shape of a heart, your partner will know that this gift idea came from a place of love. It is a nice gift because it has a purpose: To make their keys look nicer, and to remind them of you. If you have just moved in with your partner then don’t forget to add this to the key. 

2. Thuya Wood Heart-Shaped Box

thuya wood heart box

This is one of the most aromatic types of wood as it is harvested from the root of the tree instead of the log itself. I would recommend pairing it with some small wrapped chocolates inside. It makes a great gift as it provides a place for your partner to keep their little trinkets such as jewellery, makeup or other miscellaneous items. 

3. Love Birds Sun Catcher

Love birds wind chime sun catcher 

For your bedroom, one bird represents you, and the other represents your partner. Every time you both look at this love birds sun catcher you will both be reminded of your love for each other. Place it by a window and have the sun reflect of it, or hear the subtle chimes move in the wind. 

4. Essential Oil Soy Wax Melts

 essential oil heart wax melts

These little heart wax melts smell amazing, to use them simply place one in the top of an oil burner and let it send an aroma around the room. For special occasions, we can gift wrap these for you with a personalised note! Remember, you will need a diffuser to be able to use them. 

5. Heart Candle Holder

Heart Candle holder 

Pair this cube with a candle and you have the ultimate gift to spread the love. It is the perfect size to fit on any shelf and when paired with a candle it will help keep your love burning strong!

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