Amazing Grace (Harmonica Tab)

"Amazing Grace" is a Christian hymn with a deeply spiritual message. It reflects on the transformative power of divine grace and redemption, as experienced by the songwriter, John Newton. The lyrics express gratitude for the saving grace of God, which is portrayed as an overwhelming force capable of bringing hope, forgiveness, and salvation to a wretched soul. The song celebrates the journey from darkness to light, from despair to faith, and it is often sung as an expression of personal testimony and communal worship. Musically, "Amazing Grace" is typically performed in a slow and solemn manner, emphasizing the profound emotions conveyed by the lyrics.


6 7 8 -8 7 8 -8 7 -6 6 Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound 6 7 8 -8 7 8 -8 9 

That saved a wrentch like me 

8 9 8 -8 7 8 -8 7 -6 6 I once was lost but now I'm found 6 7 8-8 7 8 -8 7 

was blind, but now I see

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