The best baby changing bag

Choosing a changing bag

So you’re vastly approaching your due date, and its time to choose the perfect changing bag to take with you for walks, and days out. The truth is that there is no need to at an expensive one. Do you know why? Because it’s a waste of money, and with today’s trends about expensive handbags.

Most of them don’t have the compartments needed. Is that stylish fashion design important, or is it the usability, ease of access, and price that should be the top priority. When I was pregnant with my first, I had to budget, as most of us do but let me show you the best changing bags that are quality made and are low cost.

What changing bag did I get?

I went for a simple black unisex bag, suitable for a boy or girl that I found online.  It only cost me around £20, with free shipping. It had two bottle compartments, a baby wipe secure holder (if you don’t want to take a whole pack.)

With enough room for at least 4/5 outfit changes, 10 nappies, wipes, your purse, mobile phone, etc. It was perfect for the new mum, easy to use, washes well. I used it with my second and when my cousin had a baby it got passed down to her too! She uses it for her son, that bag has helped 3 babies, and it’s still in one piece!

Our brains are hardwired to believe, more expensive equals better quality but it’s not always true. It purely depends on the manufacturer and how great they want the product or not. Give the cheaper option a try, it did me well, and there is no reason why it wouldn’t for you.

If it’s colour that you want, there are plenty of other choices that don’t break the bank. Here are the best changing bags that I would recommend for a newborn, and it will provide you with everything you need from a changing bag.

1. Black & Grey Changing Bag

1. Black & Grey Changing Bag

This is a simplistic baby changing bag that is big enough to carry all of those things that you need for your little one, and then some, you can even pop in a change of clothes for yourself for a sleepover. The bag itself is perfect for travel as it holds so much, there are 2 side pockets to hold bottles, yours and baby’s, there are mesh pockets inside to hold the milk powder and other essential items. As the colour is black and grey it is totally gender neutral meaning both mum and dad can use this bag when you’re out and about with baby. It also means that no matter the gender of the baby this bag will always be fine.

The strap on the bag is very large and adjustable so if you need it for over your shoulder you can adjust the size for comfort and support, or if you need it for your buggy you can extend it. As the strap is a good size it means that it fits most buggies including the bugaboo make. Spilled milk? sick? baby food? no problem, the bag is waterproof and a wipeable material so no need to worry if there are spillages! As it is water proof it means you won’t have to worry about your little ones clothes in the bag getting wet because it will be safe from most weathers. 

This baby changing bag will hold everything while you are out and about. From nappies, wipes, baby grows, milk, bottles, dummies, and more. It will also be able to hang easily on the buggy,  good changing bag

  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Spacious interior to fit all your needed essentials
  • Lightweight & waterproof
  • Additional colour matching changing mat (suitable for nappy changes on the go).

2. Multipurpose Rucksack

2. Multipurpose Rucksack

  • Built in USB Charging Port
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Large capacity
  • Attaches to pram

3. Infant storage caddy

3. Infant storage caddy 

  • Extra large capacity organiser
  • Suitable for nursery use
  • Waterproof lining
  • 10 hidden pockets for storage

Storing your diapers in one place has never been an easy task. Before you know it, there are diapers all over the house, in your bags and even in your coat pocket. Rather than having to carry diapers in every one of your bags, you can carry them around in this easy to use foldable diaper caddy. Once set up, you can simply store as many diapers as you need (make sure you bring extra.) and go about your daily routine without worrying about whether or not you have enough diapers with you. After all, running out can be a real nightmare. 

Once you’re finished with the caddy, you can simply fold it up to reduce storage, leaving it in an easily accessible location for the time you need it next. The caddy itself is extremely light, allowing you to carry it with ease. Alternatively, you can simply leave it at the bottom of your buggy without it weighing you down. This will give you complete peace of mind no matter where you are. It will also let you store many more diapers than a traditional bag, ensuring you don’t run out any time soon. It’s simple, easy and efficient- just the way we like things.

4. Waterproof leather changing bag

4. Waterproof leather changing bag

  • Stroller strap
  • Waterproof leather
  • Suitable as a cross-body, travel backpack or purse bag
  • High-quality leather with luxe hardware

5. Large Waterproof Nappy Bag

5. Large Waterproof Nappy Bag

  • Pushchair clips
  • Waterproof inside and out
  • Suitable as a changing bag and as a hospital bag
  • BPA free

Once you have chosen a changing bag, you must know what essentials to put in your changing bag so that you can be ready for baby.

What to put in a baby changing bag?

When it comes to packing a baby changing bag, you must make sure to put in all the things that you may need. If you are out and about and even one item is missing from it, it can be a complete disaster. Babies are unpredictable and you never know when they are going to need a change of clothes, more nappies than expected or a spare dummy if they lose theirs.

1. Nappies

Pampers pure protection nappies size 1

No matter if its a walk to the shops or a whole day out you are going to need nappies, you never know when the next poo explosion could happen. You will need to pack at least 3-4 nappies for a newborn. Where as if you are having an over night stay you should take around 12, babies essentially need nappy changes after every feed.

You can get washable ones which are better for the environment. There are many to pick from but my personal favourite is the Aldi brand Mamia. You should buy in bulk as they are needed after every feed (every 3-4 hours) or more so a newborn will need plenty of changes during the day and night.

2. Feeding bottles

Tommee Tippee feeding bottles pack 

When you become a parent for the first time, the big question is always there waiting for you. Do you want to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, maybe you want to do both? Nipple confusion can occur when your starting out breastfeeding and then going to bottle you shouldn’t use bottles for the first 6 weeks unless it is a need.

Although tommee tippee bottles have been great for newborns as they do have a distinctive breast like teet that can help transition between breast and bottle feeding. 97% of mums and new mums recommend these bottles. A packet of 6 bottles is ideal because if you are choosing to bottle feed. Your baby will feed every 3-4 hours which means in 24 hours you will use all 6 bottles. Once you have used them though it is soo important to clean them. In hot soapy water and sterilise as soon as possible. If you have chosen to breast and bottle feed these would be the best type to use as the teet is not so different from the breast.

When I had my daughter I gave up on breastfeeding by day 3. As she weighed only 5 pounds 12oz and she needed more than what milk I could give her personally. These bottles were a godsend! They are anti-colic so they aid in better feeding to avoid poor digestion and pain in the infant.

My partner also found these bottles very helpful during the night feeds, easy to hold, not too heavy and very easy to clean. They are also BPA free which is a must in our house, BPA is poisonous to our babies and I would not go for a bottle that contained BPA. Another great thing about these bottles is that they come with a starter teat for your baby which allows the perfect amount of milk through for your newborns natural suction.

As they get a little older, you will be able to replace the teats putting in ones that have a faster flow. Whilst this doesn’t seem necessary it absolutely is, and it will also help you maintain better hygiene and safety for your baby too. Your newborn will have a bottle of infant formula every 3-4 hours, so depending on how long you will be out on your journey for you can bring the right amount of bottles for that time.

3. Baby water wipes

 Water wipes the worlds purest baby wipes

For every nappy change you will need some wipes to keep your little one clean, you will also need wipes for your baby’s face if they are sick, or just a general clean up to make them feel fresh and less sticky. They can also come in handy for mums and dads if they have no access to clean water for washing hands etc. You will need to pack a whole pack of wipes just in case there are any explosions.

These sensitive baby wipes are ideal for ages newborn onwards. Using harsh chemicals on a newborns skin is never good. These could even be used on premature babies bottoms. They have been approved for use by allergy UK. Water wipes are easy to use, and are much easier than wetting a small piece of cotton wool, and dipping it in water every time your baby needs changing. Which by the way can be up to 10 times per day as they do lots of wees, and they generally poo lots straight after feeds which is approximately every 3 hours.

97% Of midwives approve and recommend these wipes as they are purely just 99.9% water and a small drop of fruit extract. As it acts as a conditioner for the baby’s skin. They can be used in the hospital with your newborn, they are easy to pack in your baby changing bag. You can also use them on your own skin to remove makeup or to freshen up. Without the sting of nasty chemicals that are normally in baby wipes.  These wipes aren’t just for use on newborns and preemies they can be used when you’re out at a children’s birthday party when your little one gets a mucky face from eating too much cake! or if your cheeky toddler gets hold of the sudo cream when your back is turned, just a few simple wipes and it’s gone.

When I had my children I wish these wipes were available to me but I was unaware of them. My son always got a slight rash from me using the baby wipes with chemicals that obviously affected him. Especially when he would get an upset stomach. They would have been amazing to use when I started to wean my little ones, the food gets everywhere. On everything and everyone. You always need wipes being a parent.

Cleaning up after your newborn can be a real mess at the best of times. Whether they’ve gone to the toilet or decided to explore the closest tub of Sudocrem, you’ll thank yourself for having wipes at the ready. But which wipes are best? These baby wipes are carefully designed for newborns and toddlers. Making use of no harsh chemicals. This prevents skin irritation that can occur on the hands, feet, toes and face. There are plenty of wipes and we always recommend buying multiple packs at once to stock up and save money. (You’ll be very surprised how many wipes you go through on a daily basis.

The wipes themselves are made up of organic cotton and have a fresh, natural scent. Once you get into the habit of using them, you’ll soon ask the question: “How did I ever survive without my water wipes?”. 

4. Clothing

newborn baby clothing

You will need a few outfits if you are packing for a newborn as baby’s tend to be sick or leak through their nappy. Its always important to have extra clothing, you should pack socks, baby grows, hats, mittens. 

These items are a must as they keep your child warm,  so you should have plenty of them. Newborns must have hats as they can be very cold, even in warm temperatures. If your child is born in winter they will need a hat and gloves to keep warm in the buggy. Mittens are used at the beginning for a few weeks, as babies can be born with naturally long nails and tend to scratch their poor eyes and face.

Newborn babies love to explore and this is fantastic but in the process they do manage to scratch their face. When my daughter was born she did that exact thing, but luckily we had a pair of mittens at the ready. These are made from 100% cotton which is great for babies sensitive soft skin. Besides from being anti-scratch, they will also keep your little ones hands warm.

Newborns are born with long and very sharp nails, and you don’t want to be cutting their tiny nails in the first few hours after birth, so put these on and bond with your gorgeous baby.If you do want to make your own, there are many free patterns online as well as guides showing you exactly how to make them. Also thousands of colours to chose from and even ones with added glitter affect for that jazzy pair of newborn mittens.

5. Dummies

Tommee Tippee newborn dummies

Everyone knows that babies cry, sometimes its for a reason and sometimes just because they need something to suckle on for comfort, pack a few dummies in a sterile pot to make sure you have some spare incase you drop one then you have a few spare that are clean and safe for your baby.

A dummy is the most common thing that is associated with a baby. In fact, it’s likely that if you close your eyes and imagine a baby, you will most definitely visualise a dummy in its mouth. Even the likes of ‘The Simpsons’ have given baby Maggie a dummy or a pacifier as it is known in many parts of America. This dummy, in particular, is suitable from the age of newborn up to the age of two months. Whilst your child does not directly need a dummy, it can be beneficial in many ways. Although, it must be one of the most debated things as to whether they are beneficial or not.

The benefits of a dummy
  • Shown to be helpful in regards to teething as it gives them something they can chew on
  • Soothes a crying baby by letting them suckle on it instead of a bottle or breast.
  • According to studies, it reduces the risk and chance of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • A baby sleeping with a dummy compared to a baby sleeping without one has been shown to sleep for longer, although they wake up more frequently when the dummy has fallen out of their mouth.
The downsides of a dummy
  • A dummy can easily confuse your newborn for a nipple which can have a negative effect on breastfeeding. Mainly regarding a latch to the nipple.
  • Having a dummy after the age of one and a half years old has been shown to reduce speech of your child and if they continue to use it, it can affect teeth growth as well as contribute to poor speech. This will also create an impact on their social skills, self-confidence and as an adult, they may need speech and language therapy.
  • Because your child can find the dummy soothing when they have outgrown it. It can be hard to remove it from the equation

6. Bottle brush

Tommee Tippee bottle brush

We recommend bringing a baby bottle brush as when you are out and about with the baby you may run out of bottles and will need to clean it properly and a brush should help you achieve that. Not everyone packs a bottle brush but its helpful and doesn’t take much room up.

Cleaning your baby’s bottle is never a simple job. It can be extremely messy and can become a hassle if you are in a rush. The NUK 2 in 1 bottle and teat brush has been specially designed for cleaning your baby’s bottle, simplifying the cleaning process for you. This multipurpose brush is the perfect solution to bottle and teat cleaning. Its long, curved design fits perfectly into all baby bottles to provide the best possible clean. It is also small enough to fit into any small storage area. Simply mix with hot water and washing up liquid to provide the best clean and to ensure there is no bacteria build up.

In order to get the best possible results, it is also important that you keep your brush as clean as possible. We recommend that you clean your brush after every use to remove any bacteria, as well as provide the brush with a thorough clean every week. This will enhance the lifespan of your brush as well as ensure your baby’s bottles are as clean as possible. Begin by filling a sink basin with hot water and a tablespoon of washing up liquid. Let your brush soak for 15 minutes and then use a clean plastic comb to gently clean your brush. Once finished, rinse this with hot water to ensure all bacteria is killed. 

It has been suggested by experts that you should replace your brush every 6 months, however, this is dependable on the amount it is used and how often it is cleaned. These two factors will significantly impact the overall lifespan of your brush. We always advise that you have at least one brush spare at all times so that you can always replace your current one should it need replacing. 

7. Cotton muslins (6 Pack)

7. Cotton muslins (6 Pack)

These muslin cloths are soft and are made from 100% cotton. When my daughter was born, I got these as a gift from family. At first, I didn’t know what they were for as they are usually quite small. I thought it couldn’t be used as a blanket surely? Thankfully, after the many experiences with my little one being a little sick after a feed. Also between the little dribbles of milk that slid out from the side of her mouth. It became more clear that muslins are used to wipe their mouths whilst and after a bottle.

I would actually go as far as to say that these are needed for every baby. And you will definitely need all six that are in the pack. This is because your baby needs feeding every 4 hours or so, within this timeframe many muslins can get wet and damp and you will use another.

It could be argued that a muslin is a weird unusual name for a mouth cloth, but nonetheless, they are handy little pieces of material. They are said to have originated in a country such as India or Iraq. However, they were not known as muslins but instead a jamdani. Whilst these were also lightweight, they were not in plain colours like the ones you see today but were instead a colourful bright cloth.

They can simply be used for so many things such as swaddling your infant, mopping up a mess and being made from 100% cotton, they are great for delicate skin. Each pack has mixed patterned designs with stars, polka dots and stripes. They are in plain yet neutral colours so are suitable for unisex. These are light and thin which means that you can fit a few of them in your changing bag. After you have fed your baby their milk and have wiped their mouth. You can then place a muslin on your shoulder and carrying your baby, you can start getting rid of their wind by gently rubbing their back and if they are sick, you won’t have to get changed.

Soft Cotton Muslins vs baby wipes

A muslin is a soft dry material whereas a baby wipe is wet. You can’t efficiently dry a wet face with a wet material but more so that many baby wipe companies use chemicals and preservatives that are well known to cause damage to a babies sensitive skin. These chemicals have been known to cause rashes, internal damage and in some severe cases, the result can be much worse. A muslin, however, is likely to be a lot more gentle on the littles one skin thus resulting in a better solution.

Another benefit to using a muslin is that once it is dirty or wet it can be washed and dried. Baby wipes, on the other hand, are not so forgiving and have to be thrown away. This is not only bad for the environment. Especially considering that many baby wipe manufacturers use some form of micro-plastic fibres within their product. But it is also in general money down the drain in regards to waste.

8. Disposable Nappy Bags (200 Pack)

cotton tree nappy bags

These fragranced disposable nappy bags are a must-have for new parents. Changing your baby has never been easier, when you are finished with the soiled nappy, simply place it in this bag to avoid any spillages.. Available in a multipack, these large nappy bags are the best option for your baby. As a result, your baby will feel comfortable and relaxed whilst their disposable nappy bags are being used.

For your convenience, these disposable nappy bags come with tie handles for easy disposal. We understand that changing your baby can be an unpleasant experience at times. We want to help you reduce any mess where possible and ensure that your disposal process is as seamless as possible. By using the tie handles you can dispose of nappies with ease. 

Nappy sacks are disposable, plastic bags which are often fragranced. They are placed after removal of nappies from babies and before the disposal. They are made of a thin coloured plastic. Using these makes the process of changing your baby become much easier.  So that you can get the very best out of your money, this product comes with free UK shipping on orders over £20. This allows you to purchase your disposable nappy bags in bulk and therefore save yourself both time and money. Buy your nappy bags today and discover how they can impact the process of changing your baby. 

9. Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispensers

Tommee Tippee Milk Powder Dispensers

These milk powder dispensers are a good thing to have being a parent who likes to travel and needs milk for baby on the go. It holds the correct amount and you can have the powder ready all you need to do is pour the powder in the bottle and add the correct amount of water. It holds up to 9oz milk powder. If you have anti colic bottles I would recommend just carrying the containers around in your baby changing bag or hand bag. Otherwise you can take a sterile box around with you to carry the anti colic part of the bottle whilst the milk dispenser sits in the empty bottle. 

From amazon’s recommendations and answers it states that the containers are not dishwasher safe they are recommended to hand wash them each manually. However there are many many reviews saying how good they came out in their dishwasher. Trial and error, always read the label before using these. The milk powder dispensers are a storage container that holds the correct amount of baby formula milk powder so it can be done in advance to avoid confusion as we all know it’s hard to remember ‘how many scoops?’ When there’s a baby crying in the background.

You can store them in the baby bottles ready for when baby needs a feed. However I do not think the container fits in an anti colic bottle. Mixing your bottle on demand eliminates your baby milk from going ‘off’ or ‘spoiling’ as it is left and made too early. Tommee tippee products are always BPA and phthalate-free. So you can ensure you can safely store your babies milk powder without any nasties getting into it. 

10. Johnson’s baby cotton balls

Johnson’s baby cotton balls

Cotton wool balls have a rich history dating back to 1937, when a machine that was capable of generating cotton pads and balls was invented. Back in the day they were made from cotton and were considered an eco friendly product that was both biodegradable and compostable. 

Nowadays, the more modernised cotton ball is made from bleached synthetic material. However the leading brand ‘Johnson’s have maintained a good reputation and use only 100% real pure cotton in their cotton ball products. They have been making them for over 125 years.

These cotton balls are natural, soft, and gentle for babies skin. They are so useful when cleaning your newborn baby from top to toe. To clean your newborn properly dip one cotton wool ball in lukewarm water and clean each eye individually with a different ball to avoid cross contamination and to maintain good hygiene. Keep them nearby in a holder ready for nappy change time and stick to a front to back cleaning system.

Other than being an efficient way to clean your newborn there are many other uses such as for arts and craft activities. Cotton balls have been used in many ways to create clouds, snowmen, dogs and other types of paper art. For a great kids activity dip them in different colour paints and dab them onto paper. 

They are useful for removing mums makeup before bed, for removing nail varnish, and they even have medical uses. For baby that has conjunctivitis, you can dab a cotton ball in salt water and use it for cleaning the eye. Ear aches are a common problem and an easy way to cure it herbally is to get a small piece of cotton wool, dip it in olive oil and place it in your ear. The herbal remedy works by softening the wax that is causing the irritation. Alternatively, it can be used for applying vaseline to sore chaffed skin. It is absorbent and also has its uses in hospitals for cleaning wounds and to stop bleeding.

11. Antiseptic sudocrem

 Antiseptic sudocrem

Sudocrem is medicated cream ointment that was developed in 1931. It was founded in Ireland by a man named Thomas Smith and was originally called Smiths cream. The name was later changed to ‘Soothing cream’, and then sudocrem. Since then it has become the leading treatment for nappy rash, but it doesn’t just fix nappy rash, it’s loved worldwide for its range of protective qualities. It can help with dry skin, eczema, surface wounds, sunburn, minor burns, acne, bed sores, chilblains, acne, inflammation and more.

It is safe to use for baby from birth and in a 2005 study 99.3% of users saw the nappy rash improve after using sudocrem. It is water-repellent, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and is also a weak anaesthetic. Finally, because of its ability to treat dry sore skin, it is used widely to make many other moisturising creams. Overall sudocrem is a must have for any newborn baby as it can soothe your babies skin when it is inflamed or irritated.

12. Bepanthen nappy care ointment

Bepanthen nappy care ointment

Whilst nappy technology has significantly developed over the last decade, it is still common for babies to experience a nappy rash. This can be extremely uncomfortable and distressing for parent and baby alike. This nappy rash cream is the perfect solution for cloth diapers, being safe for use whilst providing your baby with the relief they need. Apply the nappy rash cream once you have cleaned your baby as this will provide the most relief. Once clean and applied, you can then use a clean nappy to provide your baby with extra comfort and support. 

One of the main ingredients in this cream is zinc, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce discomfort. The cream can also be used for acne if your baby is prone in any areas covered by nappies. However, despite being an antiseptic, it is not suitable for use on tattoos.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine how much cream you should use for your baby. The amount of cream you should use is a personal decision based on your baby’s reaction. You should apply enough cream to help reduce any pain, whilst at the same time not using too much cream, as this could cause discomfort. You can adjust the amount of cream you choose to use based on your baby’s reaction and also based on your own experience. It is important to note that every baby is unique and as a result, there is no ‘set amount’ of cream you should use. 

13. Reusable microfiber baby wipes

 Reusable microfiber baby wipes

To use the microfiber reusable baby wipes simple wet them before use and wipe the area clean, they are safe to use on faces, hands and bottoms. Do not wipe baby back to front, always to front to back wiping method to avoid cross contamination and infections. As microfibre dries fast it makes it harder for any bacteria to grow unlike cotton. They remove 99% of bacteria.

These microfibre reusable baby wipes come with a handy wash bag so as soon as you get them dirty, simply chuck into the wash bag and once they’re all used pop into your washing machine with your washing and they can be tumble dried after also.

I would recommend buying a few packs of 20 wipes, although they are double the size of a normal baby wipe. These can even be used as a flannel in the bath and a small towel. Little gubbins baby wipes are considered to be the best baby wipes in the UK and they have the best mother and baby wipes award.

14. Teething toys

Teething toys will be needed from around 3 months+. Depending on your child’s needs, some people find teething to be a doddle and easy whereas others struggle. The toys will help them push their teeth through quicker.

Teething toys come as a great distraction as well when out on a walk if they get restless.

15. Turquoise Baby Changing Mat

The turquoise changing mat is the perfect addition to your baby’s changing accessories. Being both convenient for use and easy to wash after it has been used. During your baby’s first few years you will have to change them thousands of times resulted in hours being spent on this alone. Whilst it is something that needs to be done. It can sometimes be a somewhat unpleasant experience. This changing mat is specially designed to ease the inconvenience of changing your baby. Designed to be a large size. It's soft and padded in order to be as comfortable as possible for your baby. Whilst also ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently change them.


It's designed to be completely waterproof to prevent any stains. It can also be wiped clean easily to prevent a difficult cleaning process after every change. At a result, it can be used multiple times without the need for excessive cleaning. This is fantastic as a parent as it will save you time that you can spend on other things around your home. Although the changing mat itself is not a need. It will save you a lot of stress as a parent, to the point where many parents would argue that it is a need. Having to change your baby so many times means that without an appropriate mat your house will begin to get messy, and maybe even smelly.

By using the mat. You can keep everything clean ensuring for a (somewhat) stress-free changing process. The first major benefit of using a changing mat is that it is much cleaner than using anything else within your home. Thus preventing any mess during the process. Additionally, it provides a comfortable foundation for your baby to rest on whilst they are being changed. This will help them to relax and ensure that the process is made less stressful for both of you.

16. Nuby Grip N Sip Sippy Cup 240ml


This sippy cup is essential for your baby’s development when your little one weans off of the baby bottles they can begin to use a sippy cup. These are most like their bottles so its not a hard transition. They can grab the bottle with both hands and learn fine hand motor skills. Nuby is BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe (which means you can heat up their milk). The teat is soft and flexible, also being dentist-approved meaning they can teeth on it all they like!

17. Portable Blackout Blind with Suction Cups

Made by the gro company blackout blind is specially designed to be portable, meaning you can take it down from the window and take it with you without making a mark. They are so easy to install with simple suction cups.

The benefit to this blackout blind is you will find it helps your baby will sleep for much longer, they will not be disturbed by the morning light as they will automatically think it is still night time. Also can be used during day time as it completely blacks out the room. There are some gorgeous moons and stars that resemble a night sky and can make baby more relaxed.

Great for on the go traveling just pop the blind up using the suction cups and away you can go, you may find if baby sleeps longer you will also get more sleep. It comes with a handy travel bag to keep it stored away for when its not needed. 

18. Phillips Avent Glass Bottle

baby glass bottles

Fit with an easing sealing cap, you can quickly place the cap back on the bottle if your baby is throwing a tantrum. This helps you to avoid spillages and get the most out of each bottle.  It’s the perfect alternative to traditional baby bottles and is constructed to be the perfect size for the hand, making it comfortable to hold whilst feeding your baby. The bottle itself is also a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic. While plastic continues to pollute the environment around us, you can use your glass bottle again and again.

When it does reach the end of it’s like it can be recycled which allows you to reduce the amount of plastic wasted. In addition to this, the bottle itself does not leech any toxins that are commonly associated with plastic bottles. Instead, your baby can enjoy their feeding time from a safe glass bottle. Once you’ve finished with your feed, simply clean the Philips Avent Glass Bottle in the same way you would any other bottle. Make sure the clean is thorough to get rid of any milk that may remain.

When clean, dry the bottle and get it ready for the next feed. To get the most out of your bottles, buy two or more. This way, you always have one spare if you can’t find the other or if the other was dirty at the time of feeding. With two available for you, feeding time will never be easier. Simply feed, clean, and repeat. The bottle itself is designed for comfort, making feeding time as smooth as possible. Your baby will feel comfortable feeding from the teat of the bottle, which is designed to be as realistic feeling as possible.

Up next: How to sterilise baby bottles?


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