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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Small gourd shekere shaker instrument
Gourd Cabassa Shaker
Sale priceFrom £20.00
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carved gourd thumb piano instrument
Gourd Thumb Piano Kalimba (9 note)
Sale price£20.00
Gourd shaker instrument with tribal carvings and wooden handle
Kenyan Gourd Shaker
Sale price£20.00
carved huancayo shaker with ribbon handle
Huancayo maracca
Sale price£15.00
Pair of carved painted tarma gourd rattles
Tarma Shakers
Sale priceFrom £25.00
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small coco gourd shaker with rope
Coco Shaker
Sale priceFrom £15.00
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gourd and wood shaker with carvings
Fojo Shaker
Sale price£20.00
mini 5 note gourd kalimba
musical instrument shaker made from raffia and a single gourd nut
Raffia Shaker
Sale price£15.00
Traditional Gourd and black bamboo Hulusi Flute with case
Hulusi Flute
Sale price£75.00
carved painted gourd with rasp stick
Gourd Guiro Shaker Rattle
Sale price£30.00

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